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Our Story

Executive Chef Francesco Petrusa grew up in a Sicilian family. As a child he began to develop a passion for food. He would watch his mother and Nonna make food for family meals.

He felt an urgency to learn as much as he could.

Francesco first went to school for business marketing. Once completing his degree he went to culinary school to follow his passion.

He later went to Italy to study more of the Italian cuisine. He was hired by a restaurant in Pescara, Italy and soon became head chef.


Upon his return to Canada, he opened his first successful catering business. Servicing all parts of the GTA and south Simcoe. 


In 2015, Chef Francesco moved to Barrie.

He decided to focus on catering and work in several kitchens. His dream was to open his own restaurant in the downtown core.


In August of 2019, along with his partner Maeghan, they found the perfect location at 41 maple avenue.

This location perfectly summed up what they were looking for. An old rustic house which would match his rustic southern Italian menu.

Limoncello Bistro boasts freshly made ingredients which Chef Francesco’s team prepares daily. They strive to use locally sourced food in every dish that they make.


Executive chef Francesco Petrusa presents, Limoncello Bistro.

In the Kitchen

At Limoncello, our approach to cooking is simple: we start with the best ingredients and let the flavors speak for themselves. Our executive chef, Francesco Petrusa, brings his passion for Italian cuisine to every dish he creates. From fresh pasta to authentic Italian pizza, every dish is made with care and attention to detail. Our kitchen is open, so you can watch our chefs at work and see the love that goes into every plate. Join us for a taste of Italy in the heart of Barrie.

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